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The most recognized sports betting algorithm in the industry.

Data Driven

The most profitable algorithm on the market that keeps everyone coming back for more. Gain an edge over the sportsbooks.

Get your game face on! The Wager Specialist is more than a random number generator. We've collected all the data needed to create accurate bet predictions with real-time player stats, weather, and historical data dating back to 1980.

Data Driven

Our models compile data on a huge range of key attributes to unlock hidden advantages and isolate value in the betting markets. We collect and construct hundreds of features that are systemically utilized to build the most accurate predictions on the market.

Trend based

Our purpose is to provide our clients the insights to make smarter decisions on their sports bets.


64.37% win rate since 2014. The odds are in your favor. Sit back and relax while our algorithm does the work for you, and enjoy your profits.

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